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RE: CVS Import

From: Rajesh Patwardhan
Subject: RE: CVS Import
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 15:10:01 -0400


I have a problem while importing modules to CVS. ( Also Please refer to the previous message also)

Q1) The module named "core" simply refuses to be imported in to CVS. I would be really grateful for any help or directions or workarounds to this problem. Server \ Client 1.11.1p1 on Linux as well as Solaris.

Observed : The import starts off with I ( capital I) path_to_core_module/core and then further does not import anything in that directory.

Q2) During import I find that the binary files are not correctly imported. So what I do is to complete say 2 imports and later on checkout as per the release_tag_1 ( so the sticky tag is set) then add the dir and files within it with a -kb option. Is it ok? then with release_tag-2 and so on.

Also as per the merge command suggested ( see attached previous mail ) by Larry I do not need do any merge. Am I right.

Thank you very much in advance.




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Subject: RE: CVS Import

Thank you very much.
Works as expected.

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Subject: Re: CVS Import

Rajesh Patwardhan writes:
> I use
> cvs import -m "Message" dir_to_import_on_cvs_repo vendor_tag release_tag_1
> The first import was good. There was no problem at all.
> 2) Now I do a import for the second source with
> cvs import -m "Message" dir_to_import_on_cvs vendor_tag release_tag_2
> This import also shows no errors.

It is a good idea at this point to do a merge checkout to detect any
files that were deleted between the two releases:

        cvs co -jrelease_tag_1 -jrelease_tag_2 dir_to_import_on_cvs
        cd dir_to_import_on_cvs
        cvs commit -m'merge'

> I do a cvs checkout in to another directory and in the status \ log do not
> see the versions as they should be seen or at least I think how they should
> be.
> i.e.: version with release_tag_1
> i.e.: version with release_tag_2
> I would expect a working revision of

If the file is exactly the same in both releases, CVS doesn't bother to
create a new revision, it just applies the new release tag to the
existing revision.

-Larry Jones

...That would be pretty cool, if they weren't out to kill me. -- Calvin

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