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RE: [Q] Correcting mistakes

From: Jonathan Belson
Subject: RE: [Q] Correcting mistakes
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 16:30:16 +0100

> Hi Jonathan,
> > How do I 'untag' files if, for instance, you apply the wrong
> > tag name or apply it to the wrong files?
> What about "cvs rtag -d TAGNAME"?

Ack!  Missed that one.

> > How do you 'back out' an erroneous commit or import?
> Import: If you just started with the whole repos just remove repos 

What do you mean by 'whole repos'?  I was thinking about
situations where eg. a project is imported without
following the naming conventions and need to be backed
out and recommited.

> and reinit it... A erroneous commit can be repaired throught
> a correct commit. Deleting a single revision is possible
> but in most cases it is too time consuming.

With the warnings given in the manual I'd figured it was a
bit too low-level for my limking.  It would be nice to
completely remove the erroneous commit (I'd made some mods
to use it in another project but forgotten to save it under
another name <duh>) but I guess it doesn't really hurt.

> An erroneous import can be made correct just remove the whole
> project from the repository directly and redo the import.

Do you remove the project with 'admin -o blah'?

> > I'm suprised these aren't in the FAQ; maybe it's just me
> > who makes mistakes <g>
> Didn't you read the Manual?

I was reading the manual on the GNU site, but it seems the
one on the cvshome page has been expanded a fair bit.



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