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Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> |^\|\|\|\|\ |\|\|

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> |^\|\|\|\|\ |\|\| '
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 16:06:11 -0400

>[ On Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 14:27:07 (-0400), Noel L Yap wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: Results of egrep -l '^<<<<<<< |^=======$|^>>>>>>> |^\|\|\|\|\
|\|\| '
>> If you go by popular demand, you're the one thinking backwards here, Greg.
>> Since there's no way for CVS to discern  the vendor's
>> conflict mark-up from its own, it shouldn't force any conventions on the
>How backwards your logic is, Noel.  "Popular demand" often (mostly?) has
>nothing to do with reality.  You can't change the reality of what CVS is
>and how it works (at least not without going to great lengths).  If I
>didn't know any better I'd think you're just trying every trick in the
>debating book to try and win this idiotic point.

Let's not start a philosophical discussion on what "reality" is.

I had thought that we already agrred that you will keep your "correct" version
of CVS (and name it NCVS) and we would keep our "incorrect" version.

>Obviously, just like I've said from the very very very beginning of this
>discussion, CVS must not allow unresolved conflicts.  Since it has no
>possible way to discern who caused a conflict, and nor can it tell a
>real conflict from a faked one either, it must therefore simply refuse
>to allow any commit of anything that even resembles the remnants of an
>unresolved conflict.  In other words you, the user, must resolve and/or
>clear all conflicts or constructs that look like conflicts, before CVS
>will permit you to continue a commit operation.

I think the rest of the world fully understands your POV and disagrees with it.

>Earlier, before you apparently got on this silly "I must win at all
>costs" rampage you more or less agreed with my point, but simply
>disagreed on the severity of the issue and insisted that if the commit
>is to be dis-allowed then there must be a manual override.

I don't think anything I have posted can be described as a rampage.  Can you
provide examples?  Also, I dropped this thread until you brought it back again.
You know what, I concede.  You win, I lose.  Can you leave us alone, now (ie
please stop continuing this thread)?


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