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Re: [Q] Correcting mistakes

From: Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Re: [Q] Correcting mistakes
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 08:08:32 +0200

Hi Jonathan,
> > > How do you 'back out' an erroneous commit or import?
> > Import: If you just started with the whole repos just remove repos
> What do you mean by 'whole repos'?  I was thinking about
> situations where eg. a project is imported without
> following the naming conventions and need to be backed
> out and recommited.
I thought about the situation that you just started with your
first project in a new repository. Than you can
remove the whole repository and restart.

Do you mean with "naming conventions" the names of the files
or the name of the Tag labels? Labels can be renamed with 
a CVS command, i haven't it in my memory but I can look it up.

> > An erroneous import can be made correct just remove the whole
> > project from the repository directly and redo the import.
> Do you remove the project with 'admin -o blah'?
No, just remove the files within the repository (using rm ..)
if you have the permission to do this.

> > Didn't you read the Manual?
> I was reading the manual on the GNU site, but it seems the
> one on the cvshome page has been expanded a fair bit.
Have you taken a look into Karl Fogel's Book about CVS?

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