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Deal with Directory Structure Change

From: QS CVS
Subject: Deal with Directory Structure Change
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 23:55:13 -0700

Hi, All,

As we all know, CVS doesn't version directories. Because of that, any
directory structure changes especially deletion of files or subdirectories
will affect earlier releases since the entire data container file such as
foo.c,v is moved to Attic directory.

Say, you had file foo.c in Tag REL1. In REL2, foo.c is no longer needed and
therefore is removed. Now you want to do bug fixes in foo.c for REL1
release. However checking out REL1 will miss foo.c

One possible solution is to create a separate module for each release. But
still, frequent modification on directories for minor releases or bug fixes
will affect previous releases.

Can someone share some experience on this issue? Thanks.


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