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Re: Deal with Directory Structure Change

From: Rickard Parker
Subject: Re: Deal with Directory Structure Change
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 08:39:19 -0400

> Say, you had file foo.c in Tag REL1. In REL2, foo.c is no longer needed and
> therefore is removed. Now you want to do bug fixes in foo.c for REL1
> release. However checking out REL1 will miss foo.c

That is why you should do a "cvs remove" of the file and not a unix "rm"
of the ,v file in the repository.
With the "cvs remove" done checkouts of REL2 on the module will not get
a foo.c file but the older version
of the file can be gotten with a "cvs checkout -r REL1 module/foo.c"

   Rick Parker

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