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RE: New update to the CVS ACL patch to support user groups

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: RE: New update to the CVS ACL patch to support user groups
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 12:49:13 -0400

>Any vulnerability in CVS (or blatant known hole if the user has access
>to any of the execution path for stuff in *info files, or the *info
>files themselves, etc.) will _implicitly_ allow users to hack the repo,
>and even to do it in such a manner that they can affect _any_ file that
>_any_ CVS user has access to regardless of what any ACLs or permissions
>prevent their ID from doing.

Are you talking about file system ACL's or CVS ACL's?  If it's the former, I
don't see how this would be possible since authorisation is done by the file
system and you're logged in as yourself.  If it's the latter, I agree.


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