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Re:Update from branch

From: Anita Chacko
Subject: Re:Update from branch
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 10:40:58 -0700 (PDT)

I have noticed the following.
There is a file s1chguide.h in both branch and trunk.A
new revision of this file has been committed to the
trunk yesterday,1.13.
When I do cvs status on this file which is checked out
from the branch,it is as below

 Working revision:    1.12    Thu Apr 12 23:00:39 2001
   Repository revision: 1.12   
   Sticky Tag:         
MBTV_04_MNI_Generic_Final_01_Branch (branch: 1.12.2)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)   
So it is on the branch.But when I do cvs log on this
file(which is on the branch),it shows 
revision 1.13
date: 2001/07/25 00:09:32;  author: chan;  state: Exp;
 lines: +8 -3
New Requirement:
Changed the data type and function calls from V0.4 to
which is supposed to be on the trunk.But when I opened
the file,it does not have 1.13 in it.
So does cvs log show the log of the file on the main
trunk or the entire log?

One more oddity.There are 5 new directories in the
trunk that are not there on the branch.I did cvs
update -d from the branch working directory and it has
brought 3 of the new directories that are added to
trunk after this branch was created.(with sub
directories but without any files)How did this
happen?In the CVS directory of these directories,it
has Tag file which has the branch name.I am 100% sure
these directories are not on the branch.Can someone
explain this?
Thanks and regards,
Anita Chacko

On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 04:56:38PM -0700, Anita Chacko
> I have a working directory where I have files
> out from a branch.When I ran a cvs update from
> this working directory,it has brought all changes
> main trunk into these files.I did not know it works
> like this.

It doesn't -- or at least, it's not supposed to!

> Do I have to give update with -r option or
> something like that,if I want to update my working
> files from the branch?Does cvs update from trunk by
> default?

No, and no.

OK, what happened to you isn't supposed to happen. 
Let's try to
figure out why it did.

Did you type any "-j" options to the "cvs update"?  If
so, that'd
explain it right there; only type those when you WANT
to merge
changes from one branch to another.  (Actually, it's
useful to use "-j" within one branch, but only when
you're trying
to do something fancy, NEVER for a simple

If you DIDN'T type any "-j"'s, here are some more
questions to
help us track down the problem:
  - What was the exact CVS command you typed?
  - What's the output of "cvs status -v" on a coupl of
the files
    that this happened to?
  - If there are any files that it DIDN'T happen to,
    include "cvs status -v" output on a couple of
those too.
  - Which CVS version (both client and server, if


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