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Adding files and user rights

From: Michal Kostrzewa
Subject: Adding files and user rights
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 01:10:50 +0200

Hello again,

Thank you for answers to my previous question about modules and tags. They 
were very helpful...

I have another one, I think should be simple but I don't know how people are 
doing this:

I have a repository owned by user:project. Every user belongs to group 
"project" so he can access/modify files from the repository. When he commits 
a file - the apropriate file in repository gains rights like 
"userlogin":project. But there are problems when user adds and commits a 
file. The added file has the rights "username":"user-primary-group", so it's 
unreadable by other users.

Of course there are solutions: users can do newgroup or sg to project, or I 
can change the user primary group to "project". But all of the above 
solutions are unsatisfactory - there is always a possibility to force an 
invalid group (on purpose, or by accident). Things are more complicated, 
becouse we want to use repository by :ext: method, so it's not possible to 
manually set the proper group - need to change .bashrc or something...

The question is: How can I enforce groups "project" on every added file. Are 
there "callbacks scripts" launched when commiting files? Cvswrappers? 

thank you for you attention,
Michal Kostrzewa

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