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Re : cvs and ssh

From: Wouter Brissinck
Subject: Re : cvs and ssh
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:53:44 +0200


With SSH3 comes a windows client and a DOS client, and you're using the DOS
for CVS right ?  Both these clients allow you to create public/private key
pairs so you
don't need a password, but the windows client makes it quite easy (for
once).  First,
do a quick connect to the server using regular password authentication.
Stay connected,
then start "settings", go to User Keys, and generate a key pair using the
Then, upload this key to your server (still using the wizard).

Now, logout, and login again using public key authentication - it won't ask
a password.

Next you need the DOS client to work ... when you install SSH3 it will
install in a
directory which is added to your executable path.  The configuration files
of SSH
are written somewhere else ... to find out where, run ssh2 from a dosbox
(yes, 2 :-) ).
It shows a help messages, and at the end of this message it says "Your
files are read from the directory : ....".  Go to this directory.  There
will be a
subdir there called UserKeys which contains the keys you just created using
windows client.  In the config directory, create a file (using e.g. edit)
"identification" which contains a single line :

IdKey UserKeys/nameofyourkey

If you do

ssh2 address@hidden ls

you should get the output of the ls command on your server account without a
being asked.  If not, try the -v or even the -d 3 option, it tells a lot.



ps : i can't get WinCVS configured either.

> Hello,

 > I am not sure if I am asking in the right mail list, if not I am sorry !

> I am using cvs on a windows machine with ssh. Now cvs asks me for the =
 > password everytime I invoke a cvs command.
> Is there a possibility to save the password somewhere ?

> Thanks for every help !

> Iwan

> P.S. Does anybody know how to install wincvs with ssh ?

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