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Error message: File "in use" (,file)

From: Carlos Alberto Leme Galassi
Subject: Error message: File "in use" (,file)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:38:44 -0300


We are using an RCS repository to control file source, bin and ascii.

Sometimes when we are tagging a file, for example, and we got an error
message informing that the file are "in use"
and in the repository appear a file, with the same name with "," (comma)
before the file (semaphore file).
If we do it again, maybe a message of "Segmentation Fault" appear. Then, we
discard the file ,xxx remove a
file from RCS and start it again, loosing informations and old versions. (Or
recover informations, reconstruct a new
file and put it back in repository).

I saw in RCS Documentation that it is a bug, but: Can we bypass it ? How ?

Any information will be very apreciated.

Thank you.

Carlos Alberto Leme Galassi

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