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From: Teala Spitzbarth
Subject: RE: CVS and AFS
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:37:29 -0700

I just want to confirm that we have had naming issues between
WinCVS1.0.6(NT4.0) and our RH6.2 Server running CVS1.10.7.
Sometimes, file names  get converted to all caps when added to
the CVS repository, but they (were originally) and continue to be
with normal lower case or mixed case capitalization in the Windows
environment -
and within the WinCVS interface.  

We are running with pserver, not with any type of AFS or NFS.  

I think there is some kind of issue with WinCVS
assuming you want all caps and sending the information back to 
the repository that way?


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From: Derek R. Price [mailto:address@hidden
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Subject: Re: CVS and AFS

Charles Karney wrote:

> While things are basically working OK, we are running into some
problems as
> I'd be interested in hearing other peoples' experiences.
> (1) Windows does loose matching on the case of filenames.  On one
>     this has led to the filenames in the repository been
>     changed.  The way this happened was (I think)
>     * On a Linux system, I did 'cvs remove NOTES.DOC', followed by
>       'cvs add Notes.doc', i.e., a 'safe' rename.
>     * On an NT system (using WinCVS 1.06), a user modifies NOTES.DOC
>       he still has checked out) and CVS apparently matches this with
>       Notes.doc in the repository and alters the repository name to
>       NOTES.doc when he checks this in.
>     * I do a 'cvs update' and am surprised to see NOTES.DOC
>     It would seem that the Windows versions of CVS should try REALLY
>     not to do this.

It's possible that the Windows version of CVS doesn't know it is doing
this.  More likely, the AFS client/server is saying, "sure
I have NOTES.DOC!"  when Notes.doc is requested, then assumes that the
user really wants to write "Notes.doc" for a write.  This
is a basic problem with UNIX file shares being used form Windows.

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