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Re: Patching and Releasing

From: Boris
Subject: Re: Patching and Releasing
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 04:19:11 +0200

Hello Kent,

Saturday, July 28, 2001, 12:08:08 AM, you wrote:

KH> I am currently struggling with some of the "administrative" duties of
KH> want to be able to determine the changes that have happend on a branch
KH> between
KH> two different dates.  This will then be used to make up a patch that can
KH> be
KH> added to fix defects.  Currently I have only been able to do some of

I can tell you how I do the job. For smaller projects, I am just using
 only tags.

Lets say I have completed my project today and I considered that this
is a release version. So I tag the branch like this

release-29072001-0410 (0410 am in the morning, hehe)

After tagging the project, I deliver it out to my business partners.

Now, as really always and even if you have your own strong QA, your
customer will find a bug on the project.

Your customer reports the bug, you fix the bug, and then you tag again
with something like

bugfix-release-30072001-1722 for example.

Then create the diff.

Lets say some weeks later the customer finds again a bug, then I do
not use the bugfix-release tag again, I again do this as a tag


even if the archive tagged with the bugfix-release...

to have more transparency.

This was the case for individual solutions by customers.

Another case is if you develop standard products, then you will use
branches and tags in a similar way, but there are a lot of

This is only my way of how I do the things and I have realised a lot
of projects in the last month from small to "big" projects with
branches and so on.

I have a lot of "problems" with finding the right way, too. I try to
change often my way of using cvs to find out the right way for me, and
I think other persons do this, too.

I would like to know something about the cvs tree on FreeBSD, how this
is organised, if someone could give me a hint or something, that would
be a really interesting thing.

Boris Köster [MCSE, CNA]
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