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Re: Regarding the commands of cvs

From: Torbjörn Axelsson
Subject: Re: Regarding the commands of cvs
Date: 30 Jul 2001 16:11:25 +0200
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"Utpal Kasture" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi ,
>      I got a problem in getting the previous version of a any file which
> has been modified and committed to repository.Means I want to get a
> previous version of a file from repository,if in any case the current
> version is buggy i want to revert back the changes to previous version
> from repository.So is there any such command for getting the previous
> version .
> Please Guide me,
> With Regards,
> Utpal

You are probably looking for:

5.8 Merging differences between any two revisions

Perhaps the rest of the manual (especially chapter four and five)
could be of use as well.


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