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Removed file was modified by second party

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Removed file was modified by second party
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:03:47 -0700


I removed a file in my local sandbox which was modified by someone else (not
knowing that the file was going to be removed) before I committed the
remove.  Now I cannot clean up my sandbox without modifying the CVS\Entries

When I do an update, I get the message, "server conflict: removed file was
modified by second party".

If I put a copy of the file in my sandbox and try to re-add it
(theoretically so I could get a successful update then remove the file
again), I get the message, "file should be removed and is still there (or is
back again)".

I couldn't update and I couldn't re-add the file, so I was basically stuck.

Now, I resolved this conflict by deleting the file name from the CVS/Entries
file and doing a 'cvs remove' again.  But if this ever happens again in the
future (to me or anyone else using my repository), how could I have resolved
it without resorting to modifying the CVS/Entries file?  Is it even


- Dennis

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