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RE: New Subscriber

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: RE: New Subscriber
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:37:27 -0700

The branching strategy that's best depends on the nature of the development.
What I find works in most cases is to:
1. Develop most features on the HEAD branch
2. Branch for releases when the HEAD becomes Beta quality
3. Branch for projects/features that can destabilize the tree for periods greater than 3 days.
4. Release branch modifications are merged into the HEAD when they are made.
5. Project branches are merged when a trial merge shows alpha level quality and usually just after a release branch is started.
What takes some thinking is when you've fixed a bug in the project branch and it's needed in a release branch.
For web sites, I've found it very effective to release every 2 weeks and target a release branch 1 week before release.
I'm sure there are other good strategies.  Nothing is fool proof.  You need to pick somthing that is the lesser evil for you.
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Subject: New Subscriber

Just started my subscription to this mailing list. I work as a build/release engineer at my company. We use CVS and Interwoven for development purposes. Currently we do not do any branching here, and just develop of the main trunk and use the rtag option for releases.
We are planning to add two more projects along with our website development. Not sure if we need to add those projects with our web development and start branching our development, or to have different repositories for them in CVS and tag those projects separately. Any advice? Any strategy currently used by other web development projects would help


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