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Need help with -kk, -kb, etc

From: Paul D. Schmidt
Subject: Need help with -kk, -kb, etc
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 10:38:55 -0700
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Our company uses the -kk option in our Makefiles to prevent
keyword expansion, as that causes conflicts with merges.

The problem is that this option is sticky, and gets used for
added files.  Not only is it sticky, but it also overrides the
-kb option since we use -kk on the command line...

For example, if someone adds a .jar file and specifies it to be
added with -kb, it's checked out with -kk and not -kb when -kk is
(automatically, for all files) specified on the command line.

(-kk is not added to the command line for "production build mode"
since we don't need to worry about merges, and actually want the
$Id$, etc tags in there)

What is the best way to resolve this situation?  Any advice how
we could better manage our repository would be greatly appreciated.


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