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Q: Moving files from one repository to another

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: Q: Moving files from one repository to another
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:35:21 -0400

We are in the process of moving a repository from one machine to another.

During the move, a root within the repository on the old machine will be
renamed on the other.

We have informed the developers to check-in their files so that we can "tar"
the root.

However, some developers will not be able to check-in their changes by the
deadline. Their changes are to existing files.

We have no choice but to go ahead with the move.

After the move, the developers will, of course, check out the renamed

It should be a simple thing to just the replace the working copy from the
directory with edited file from the old directory, right? The $Header$ is
used in these files 
and does show the old pathname but that should be the only thing to be

We don't use the branching mechanisms or anything elaborate with CVS.

Is it just that simple or did I miss something?

Thanks in advance

Glen Luna
Dyncorp IS LLC
(703) 818-4385

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