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Forcing DOS line endings on checkout/update

From: Alleman, Lowell
Subject: Forcing DOS line endings on checkout/update
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:35:07 -0400

Is it possible to force cvs to use DOS line endings on a Unix-based machine?

I am using  CVSROOT/loginfo  to maintain a local copy which is automatically
update to the HEAD revision when someone does a commit.  This part is
working fine, but the problem is that this "local copy" is really on a SMB
mount point connected to an NT server.  So I'm getting Unix file ending
rather than DOS file endings.  How to I trick cvs into thinking that it is
running in a DOS environment?

This will be eventually used in a production environment, so I would like to
stay away from just running a script to convert the line ending.

Thanks in advance,

Lowell C. Alleman
Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe

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