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pserver config worked on Mdk 8.0, fails on RH 7.1...why?

From: Beachey, Kendric
Subject: pserver config worked on Mdk 8.0, fails on RH 7.1...why?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:37:55 -0500

We have just adopted CVS as our source control platform in my
department.  When I was doing the proof of concept to convince
everyone it was a good idea, I was (and still am) running CVS on my
desktop machine, which runs Mandrake 8.0.

Now that CVS has been blessed, the boss has bought a fancy new machine
to serve as our real CVS repository, and it runs Red Hat 7.1.  I have
verified that cvs the client works just fine on the new machine, and I
successfully used 'cvs init' to start a new repository.  The problems
are with trying to make the pserver run on the new machine.

Like my desktop machine, the new one uses xinetd instead of regular
inetd, which is what is used in the examples in Karl Fogel's excellent
documentation.  The man pages gave me enough to set it up to run
properly on Mandrake, but doing the same thing on Red Hat isn't
working.  Here is an example of what happens when I try to run 'cvs
login' against the new machine:

address@hidden beachey]$ cvs -d \
     :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs login
(Logging in to address@hidden)
CVS password:
cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server Connection
reset by peer
address@hidden beachey]$

It doesn't matter if I type the right password or not.

The relevant details of the config files:
* /etc/services already contained tcp and udp lines for port 2401 for
* /etc/xinetd.d now contains a file called "cvs" that is identical to
my working one on the Mandrake machine--it points to
* /usr/sbin/cvspserver is a shell script that reads /etc/cvs/cvs.conf
to find the value(s) of CVS_REPOS, then calls 'cvs pserver' using a
separate '--allow-root' for each item in CVS_REPOS
* /etc/cvs/cvs.conf just says CVS_REPOS="/cvs"
* ummm...anything else you'd like to know about, I can provide.  :-)

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give!

PS: I just noticed that sometimes when trying to do 'cvs login' from
the actual cvs machine, I sometimes get the message "cvs [login
aborted]: received broken pipe signal" instead of the connection reset
Kendric Beachey

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