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cvs rdiff - waiting for lock?

From: Garvin Hicking
Subject: cvs rdiff - waiting for lock?
Date: 01 Aug 2001 10:08:00 +0200

 Salutations, info-cvs!

I use a small Ruby script for mailing commitlogs. The problem is, I always  
get screens full of messages like:

cvs rdiff [09:23:23]: waiting for user's lock in /repository/files

The also appear on my editor's screen, destroying the window's  
contents...Is there any possibility to tell cvs rdiff not to print out  
those messages?

The ruby script in it's main part looks like:

commands.each do |args|
        IO.foreach("| #{Config::CVS} -Qn -d #{Config::CVSROOT} #{args}") do |x|
                diffmsg << x
        diffmsg << "\n"

Where #{Config::CVS} is replaced by the location of the Executable and  
#{args} is replaced by (in this case) "rdiff -u -r #{from} -r #{to}  

Any suggestions? Apart from using another script? ;)

Bye,                                            ...[ icq  #21392242 |
 Garvin                                       ...[ |

... *Speak softly and carry a +6 Two Handed Sword.*

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