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NT4, CVS, SSH Command Line problem

From: Mark Owens
Subject: NT4, CVS, SSH Command Line problem
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 11:22:23 +0100

I've got a Windows NT4 client with CYGWIN and openssh-2.5.1-p2-2 talking to a Linux server.
The client has WinCVS but because I need to scripting my CVS work, I'm not using it.
CVS_RSH points to "ssh"
SHELL points at "bash.exe"

The sequence of events are:
1) ssh-agent $SHELL
2) ssh-add <path to key>
3) cvs checkout module
cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: cannot connect to socket: Connection refused

Nothing comes up in the server log so I am assuming it's at the Windows end.
I seem to recollect something about the CVS.EXE shipped with WinCVS is not a "standard" one. I've only got the WinCVS version.

Can anyone help?

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