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Re: Forcing DOS line endings on checkout/update

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: Forcing DOS line endings on checkout/update
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 11:08:07 -0700
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On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 09:40:54AM -0400, Alleman, Lowell wrote:
> I know that I could keep the copy in sync on the NT side using scripts, but
> I would much rather do this on the Linux side.  NT has no built in scripting
> functionality (or none that I'm familiar with beyond the pathetic "batch
> files"), and I'm not going to suggest installing Perl or any thing else

You should, perhaps, revisit the scripting capabilities of NT.

It is *nearly* as powerful as Bourne.

Granted, it's not pretty.  But most of the capabilities ARE there.

Btw, I'm a unix/linux bigot saying this.

     Mike Castle      address@hidden
    We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan.  -- Watchmen
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