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RE: Gnu make

From: Bishop, Murray
Subject: RE: Gnu make
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 11:28:52 +1000

Hi there.

> PATH_SEP := \                 # this is where I am having with, PATH_SEP
> gets nothing on NT
/ works as a path separator in windows filesystem calls fairly ok.
So writing targets and sources that way in gnu make lines is good.

Command line tools from windows think / introduces a switch,
so they need a \. I recall using $(subst  /,\,$@), or maybe
$(subst /,\\,$@) to do that sort of thing when $@ has / and
the command I'm using it in needs \.

> DEL := erase /q/f/s
You may find that getting the cygwin tools (which give you rm on 
windows), or someting similar, helps a lot with getting a makefile 
the same on windows and unix.


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