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RE: Status

From: Thornley, David
Subject: RE: Status
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 09:17:45 -0500

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bekaye Keita [mailto:address@hidden
> With Metrowerks source safe (for Codewarrior), when
> you run the status command, it returns a list of all
> the files currently checked-out. 
> Does CVS have such a feature? When I run the status
> command, I get the output below for every individual
> file in the project.
> What I want to know is what files have not been
> committed or are still checked out. 
> Can someone help please.
CVS does not work quite like other version control systems
(it's better) and therefore the idea of checkout is different.
In many version control systems, when you check out a file,
you get a copy of the file and exclusive permission to change
it and check it back in.  In CVS, you get a copy of the file
and non-exclusive permission to change it and check it back in,
and experience shows that this is a big win for normal program
source files.  It does take some getting used to for somebody
who's only used the other sort.

CVS does have a method to show intent to change a file and
check it back in, the edit.  I'm away from my copy of MacCVS
right now (presumably you're using that version so you can use
the CWCVS plugin), so I can't tell you exactly, but there is
a way to place an edit on a file, remove an edit from a file,
and find who is registered as editing a file.

Everybody checks out their own copy of a project (IIRC, CWCVS
doesn't do this, so you have to use MacCVS directly), and works
on their own copy.  They use "update" to keep these current
(MacCVS distinguishes between file and directory commands, and
they will usually use the directory update command), may use
"edit" on individual files to register intent to change and
checkin, and then check in files or directories.

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