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Re: temporary storage

From: thomas graichen
Subject: Re: temporary storage
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 15:27:46 +0200
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Robin Becker <address@hidden> wrote:
> I'm using a cvs pserver on freeBSD 4.2, I'm getting problems with /tmp
> filling up even though my repository is located on a different volume.
> Is there any way to configure where cvs uses temporary space?

just add "-T /var/tmp" (for instance) to pserver entry in your
inetd.conf to let cvs use this dir as tmpdir for the pserver


p.s.: as a live example (on solaris but basic idea is the same)

  cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs -f
    -T /var/tmp --allow-root=/myrepository pserver

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when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no
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