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Re: Merge Problems

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Merge Problems
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 13:19:23 -0400

My understanding is that merges don't care anything about date/time
stamps.  I also believe that this is a behavior of RCS.

Here's a question, what was the command line you used for the merge in
step 9?  Perhaps you should try it a different way.

-- David F.

address@hidden wrote:
> I believe I've discovered a problem with CVS concerning the merge process.
>         If code was created on the main branch and subsequently changed, if
> that code was set back to it's original value on a branch and then merged
> into the main, the change will not come over to the merged code. The merge
> goes through like everything is fine (no conflicts), but the code from the
> branch does not make it to the merged code.
>         I was able to reproduce this with the following steps:
>         1. Created a module in the repository
>         2. Imported file(s) into the module and created a branch
>         3. Checked out the main
>         4. Made change to file and commited change to the repository
>         5. Checked out branch
>         6. Changed file (to ensure the date stamp is later than the file in
> main) and commited change to the repository.
>         7. Changed file back to it's original value and commited file to
> repository.
>         8. Checked out main (to ensure that I'm working with the current
> files from the repository) and performed merge.
>         9. Merge goes through fine with no hitches.
>         10.Changes from the branch (setting it back to the original value)
> does not come through.
>         If I set the value in the file (on the branch) to anything but the
> original value, the merge produces a conflict.
>         We are using version 1.11.1.
>         Has anyone else come across this??
>         Joel

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