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Locks on CVS

From: Sven Fischer
Subject: Locks on CVS
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 17:54:04 +0200

Hiho altogether,

I have a problem with the permissions in the cvs repository: I have set up 
several repositories on one server. Each one is protected by its own group 
on system level.

The files have the permissions 660, the dirs 770. I have used the acl 
script in the cvs distribution and have adapted it to my Linux box (since 
it used Solaris or whatever setacl/getacl commands). Everything works fine 
when files are commited.

The problem arises, if a user locks a file or sets himself as an editor, 
the group permissions are set to the users permission, because the acl 
script is called from the commitinfo file.

Is there any possibility to set the permissions/group id back after a 

Thanks for the answers,

Sven Fischer -- DEUTA-Werke GmbH, Abteilung EIT
  Dipl.-Phys.   Paffrather Str. 140, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
                Tel.: +49-(0)2202-958-216 Fax.: +49-(0)2202-958-145
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