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Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion

From: Kent Henneuse
Subject: Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 10:33:05 -0700

Eric Siegerman wrote:
> If there's a sticky release tag on a file, cvs should tell me.
> How about a new status code from "update":
>         S foo.c

This would be fantastic.  I would think that cvs would only 
show you sticky revisions and not things like branches.  For the
branch case cvs could just print out a line at the begining or
better yet the end of a cvs update saying "In branch tag XYZ".

Don't know about the data structures.  How does cvs currently
hold a file at a specified revision?  Doesn't seem like it 
would be more work to just have it report it being sticky when
it does the update.  A little slower but how often does it 
occur (and then bite you).


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