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Deadline for .biz & .info approaches!!

From: Damian Andrews
Subject: Deadline for .biz & .info approaches!!
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 01 18:56:47 +1000

Dear Registrant,        

The most anticipated event since the first release of the dotcoms is here!
If you haven't already done so it's time to pre-register your .biz and .info
'Top Level Domain Names' and stake your claim in what is fast becoming a LAND
RUSH, "larger than the .com phenomena". 

With the deadline to pre-register your .biz Sept 17, 2001 and Sept 12, 2001
for .info domains approaching (your only real opportunity to secure a great
.biz and/or .info) you must act now secure your trading or generic name(s).
At the close of these periods all pre-registrations will be processed first. 

Up for grabs are names like;, and because of
the 'Round Robin' [Not First Come First Serve] selection method adopted by
ICANN, the release has effectively become "The Worlds Largest Lottery".

We offer you [but only until September 18th 2001] to pre-register your
selection of great names with three of the largest biz & .info registrars [Our
Channel Partners] in a 3-5 minute process for one low price [as low as US$3.50
per name] this is the lowest price available anywhere including The
Registrars Themselves.

Heres how it works!
Pre-register with one, two or all three of our channel partners at the same
time and increase your chances of securing names like ' or' up to 300%. Pre-register as many names as you like and save up to 
50% with
volume discounts.!
Want to pre-register names like for FREE., simply go to enter in your email address at our affiliate page and I will
send you an email, with your unique ID that can be forward to all in your
address book then all who enter the site by way of that link will earn you
US$1.00 per pre-registration. We have people registering 100+ names at a time.
Now that's a! Any and all names you decide to register can come
directly off your earnings or if you prefer I will send you a cheque! 
·       For every 20 names or more you pre-register we will give you free for 
year a sub-domain name from the very best of our 'channels partners' like
'address@hidden', 'address@hidden'.
·       Free home page with every account.
·       Free email with every account.

This is your very best opportunity to secure ''.
But you must Pre-Register and you must do it NOW.

Want to see more:
(If this link is not working please cut and paste the link into your

If you have received this mailing in error, or do not wish to receive any
further mailings from us, simply click here put in your email address and add
Remove to the subject line:

Damian Andrews

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