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Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 10:42:57 -0400

Kent Henneuse wrote:

> Eric Siegerman wrote:
> > If there's a sticky release tag on a file, cvs should tell me.
> > How about a new status code from "update":
> >         S foo.c
> This would be fantastic.  I would think that cvs would only
> show you sticky revisions and not things like branches.  For the
> branch case cvs could just print out a line at the begining or
> better yet the end of a cvs update saying "In branch tag XYZ".

I don't think so.  For the simple reason that an update of any full
checkout with a tag, branch or not, would list every file.  I think most
users aren't going to be happy with that.

So if it is going to be a matter or requesting the output anyhow, the
information is already available via the status command.  I might be
behind a --brief option to status, or the like, if someone else did the


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