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Re: cvs

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: cvs
Date: 10 Aug 2001 09:11:49 +0100
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"Wang Gang (King Wang)" <address@hidden> writes:

> How to use command to put all cvs version number into a ACSII file.
> King Wang

You're thinking about CVS in the wrong way: you should record releases
and baselines by using CVS tags, not by laboriously recording version

Hence to make a release 

set -e
cvs checkout code
cvs tag CODE_REL_1_0_0
cd ..
cvs release -d code
cvs export -r CODE_REL_1_0_0 code
cd code
make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/tmp/blarg
cd /tmp/blarg
tar cf /var/code-releases/code-rel-1.0.0.tar .
cd -
rm -rf /tmp/blarg

To recreate this release at any time 

cvs checkout -r CODE_REL_1_0_0 code

To figure out what changed between two releases 
cvs rdiff -s -r CODE_REL_1_0_0 -r CODE_REL_1_0_2 code

cvs status also emits version numbers -- but the version numbers of
files in CVS are a festure which is internal to CVS; they are the
lables that the software places on the files.  These version numbers
are intended for use by CVS, not humans.  Tags are the the version
information dsigned for use by humans.

James Youngman
Manchester, UK.  +44 161 226 7339
PGP (GPG) key ID for <address@hidden> is 64A95EE5 (F1B83152).

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