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Re: info-cvs-faq -- New flavour of F.A.Q. to be included to CVS

From: Alexey Mahotkin
Subject: Re: info-cvs-faq -- New flavour of F.A.Q. to be included to CVS
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 22:46:44 +0400 (MSD)

>>>>> "DRP" == Derek R Price <address@hidden> writes:

DRP> Hey Alexey, I'd be happy to make you a moderator of th FAQ on
DRP>  That would give you rights to reorganize and edit
DRP> the questions and answers there.  Simply dividing it into
DRP> sections might accomplish what you want.  e.g. startig it off
DRP> with "Most Frequently Asked Questions" or the like.

Nah.   I am speaking of real "frequently asked questions".  Please,
read this:

I do not want to be the "Knowledge Base" (that's not an F.A.Q.!) admin
for purely organizational reasons -- I'm limited and finite.  But I'll
be glad to occasionally provide a patch to info-cvs-faq from the
current CVS.  

Please, Derek, cvs add it :)   It won't do any harm. :)

DRP> If anybody wanted to migrate some of the answers into the
DRP> Cederqvist it might not be such a bad thing either.  Patches
DRP> gladly accepted.

I'll probably try to do something about it when time permits.  

Btw, if you're going to apply my cvs.spec patch, please also remove
cvs.spec and from EXTRA_DIST in Makefile.


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