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(no subject)

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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:06:22 -0400

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On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 11:37:29AM -0800, Stephen Rasku wrote:
> Brian Murrel wrote:
> If you cvs update -p a file that only exists on the branch it will 
> create it.  If you do:
>       cvs status new-file
> it will show:
>       cvs server: use `cvs add' to create an entry for local.h
> If you cvs update -p a file that doesn't exist on the branch, you will 
> get a zero length file.
> These should be good clues as to which files to add and delete.

So what I was thinking is true.  Thanx.

> By the way, what's with the weird e-mail addresses (e.g. 
> address@hidden)?

It's a "onetime" address.  When I mail to unknown destinations (which
includes lists -- which allow anonymous posting anyway) a unique return
address is created for that message and it is logged.  If the address
starts attracting spam at some point, a) I know where the leak is b) I
can turn it down (assuming it's outlived it's usefulness) to prevent
the spam from successfully even being delivered to may mail server or
c) I can add it to my spam-traps for early detection and resistance of
spam sources.


Brian J. Murrell

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