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Brian Murrel wrote:

>I have a project/repository which has a main branch (trunk) for
>stable, released versions and a development branch.  The development
>branch was branched off of the main branch a while ago for 
>and has going along gangbusters.  Now it is time to release.  What is
>the easiest way to move the develoment branch onto the main branch so
>that what is on the main branch is completely replaced by the
>development branch.
>I realize of course I could use "cvs update -j" to move it all over
>but that is going to create a boatload of conflicts.  I can deal with
>conflicts easily (and tediously) enough but I wonder why I should 
>to bother.  It seems that I should be able to simply replace the
>contents of the main branch with the development branch in an easier
>way, no?
>All suggestions welcome, thanx.

I know that this is shutting the barn door after the horses have gone 
but your new development should have been on the trunk and you should 
have had stable branch.  Since the new development is already on the 
head this removes the need to merge (or put) new development there.

However, to solve your current problem you will have to write a 
script.  Assuming that you have a workspace already checked out on the 
head, this is how you put the branch version of a file to the head:

        cvs update -p -r branch-tag foo.c > foo.c
You will have to iterate this over every file in the tree.  Once all 
the files are updated you can check in the whole repository.

Stephen Rasku                   E-mail: address@hidden
Senior Software Engineer        Web:
TGI Technologies

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