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(no subject)

From: root
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:08:33 -0400

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Subject: Complex CVS repository - need help...
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We would like to move from RCS version control and our in-house developed
"publish" tools to CVS, but there are a few complex problems that must be
addressed first. Hopefully some of you may have dealt with this problem
already and have the solution ready. If not I hope some of you can help
guide us in the right direction.

I will start by describing our current situation and then move on to what we
would like to achieve with CVS.

Now we have a development area that is made up of three separate directory
structures. The first is directory 'apps' which contains open source
libraries, our own libraries and our own applications. The second is
directory 'portals' which contains files for various separate web servers.
The third and last is 'servers' which contains files copied from the 'apps'
and 'portals' directories. All files under 'apps' and 'portals' use RCS,
except for the open source libraries.



An in-house developed publishing tool could copy files in the following
manner for web portal and

/portals/*  -> /servers/
/apps/chat/*        -> /servers/
/apps/lib-Nextra/*  -> /servers/
                    -> /servers/

/portals/*  -> /servers/
/apps/email/*       -> /servers/
/apps/lib-Nextra/*  -> /servers/

Under the /servers/ tree we run web servers in order to test and develop the
portals before they are copied with ftp to the production web servers.

Our CVS problem arises from the fact that the lib-Nextra files must be
placed under /servers/ for each of the portals
(substitute xxx with the names of the portals). I cannot find anything in
the FAQs or help sections that says how to handle this situation. If we
could have had /servers/lib and /servers/ point to this,
then everything would be OK. But unfortunately the web servers must run in a
chrooted environment where they cannot access anything higher up than
/servers/ Also symlinking is not allowed for security reasons. So
the question is whether our directory structure can be addressed by CVS or
if there maybe is another way to achieve what we want?

By switching to CVS we would like to achieve the following:

1. It should be possible to say "give me all files for a specific portal"
including all applications and libraries and place it in a directory (where
coincidentally a web server is running).

2. If one of our in-house libraries are updated from within a server area
then the update should be effective for all our portals.

3. Open source libraries must be updatable so new versions can be applied
(and it must be possible to remove them also).

4. CVS itself should be sufficient to handle the problem, we want to avoid
the use of any "publishing" tools.

Help on this problem would be greatly appreciated. If no one knows the exact
answer to our problems, then suggestions on which direction to try is also


Geir Johannessen
Nextra Mobile Internet
Phone: +47-22770512 / +47-90557466

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