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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:11:27 -0400

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Larry, you bring up a great point here. We are about to move our repository
from one server to another and we did not have the foresight to use logical
name (unless you mean use computer name instead of IP address, in our case
we can't use the old computer name, that is what is changing, the new name
is not sndev003). I looked at my copy of the repository and there are
hundreds of files to edit. Every folder has a sub folder in it called CVS.
Inside that CVS folder are 4 files. 2 of which are ROOT and Repository.
Inside each one of these ROOT files contains information as to who checked
out these modules, which includes the server name. for example:

I'm deaverc and is the machine that is going away, I
will have a new host soon. Look, we even had the foresight to make moving
harder by having the host name in the file path! happy happy joy joy.

The other file with the server name inside is Repository:

I guess this is nothing more that the file path to the "real" repository.
Hopefully most folks don't use the server name in there path. I guess in our
instance, I can try to get the system admin people to create the same named
path on the new host. I bet I'll loose that battle because it doesn't follow
their naming standards. 8o(

Would it be easier, at least for me and my users of this repository (about
25 of us), to simply delete our checked out versions and re-check out once
the new repository is available on the new machine? Some of us are on
separate branches too, of course.

Carl Deaver

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Subject: Re: Transferring the CVS to another hosts

Eyal Rif writes:
> What need to be changed when transferring a CVS from one host to another ?

...  If you didn't have the foresight to use a logical
server name then you'll have to have everyone who has anything checked
out edit their CVS/Root files to point to the new server.

-Larry Jones

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