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(no subject)

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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:12:20 -0400

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Subject: Re: Respository crashed, sandbox is from old Repository BUT is more 
current than restored CVS
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"TC" <address@hidden> writes:

> in line
> >> So the CVS repository box died, restored backup to a new box but it
> >> is about 2 days old, but THEY changed the repository name/server/ &
> >> logins..  I want to sync up again,
> >
> >> I was going to checkout a new sandbox from the restored box, then
> >> just copy the CVS dirs back into my old sand box over each cvs
> >> dir... the project structure is the same
> >>
> >> Any one see an issue with this
> >> .
> >
> >Yes! Don't do this! If anybody has committed changes to any files, you
> >will be putting incorrect information about the "base" version of your
> >work files.
> How so, will this not just look to CVS that i have modified all the source
> since I checked it out

Look at the contents of the CVS/Entries files - they contain the
revision which your local copy is based on. If you change this number
without changing the source files accordingly (that's what happens
when you do a cvs update), cvs will have no idea which changes are
made by you, and which changes are caused by the fact that your
workfile is based on a different revision.

This must be covered in the manual somewhere.

> How is this any different that if I just edit files in the new sandbox I
> would check out??
> I could just copy my  old sandbox source over the new checked out sandbox
> but I am also work with a dev tool that set a work area & I'd have to
> reconfigre that as welll...
> >Rather than doing what you suggest, just write a short script to
> >change the contents of all CVS/Root files in your current sandbox to
> >point to the new server (and new login name, if your name has
> >changed), then continue doing updates, etc, as if nothing ever
> >happened.
> But then the Entries file in my old sandbox will point to versions that
> don't exist in the restored
> repository bcus it was from 2 days ago ??

So you're saying that your backup is two days old, and there are
changes you had updated to your local directory that aren't in the
restored repository? In that case, you have two sets of valuable info in your 
workdirectory, and they key to it *all* is in your existing CVS/Entries files:

1) Files for which your CVS/Entries shows a newer revision than what
   is in the restored repository - your workdir contains a revision of
   that file that was lost when you lost your old machine.

   You should rite a script to shuffle through and find all these
   files, (or maybe even cvs -n update will report it to you as an
   error), and either commit the files you have (if you're 100%
   certain you didn't have any local mods to that file), or merge in
   the changes by hand. Do all this work in a newly checked-out work

2) Files for which your CVS/Entries file shows a revision that *does*
   exist in the repository, but "cvs -n update" shows that the file
   has been locally modified. In this case, you can just do a "cvs update"
   and continue working as if nothing had happened. 

Note that you should not perform *ANY* cvs operations on your old work
directory without also giving "-n" on the commandline (eg "cvs -n
update") until after you've taken care of step 1. After that, if you
still receive any errors, you may need to tweak a few rev numbers in
your Entries files by hand (if more than one revision was lost).

Do not *at any cost* destroy your existing CVS/Entries by copying over
the Entries file from a different workdir!!!

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