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(no subject)

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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:21:59 -0400

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So, I have a CVS archive, and I want to start making local
modifications.  What I want to do is check out a workspace of the
original code (which I've already done).  I only have anon pserver
access, I can't get the _actual_ repository, only a workspace copy.
That's fine; I only want to pull snapshots every so often into my copy

Then, I want to create a new module using this workspace as the initial
code, on a vendor branch.

No problem, right?

Here's the trick: there are a large number of binary files in the
workspace, and I need the -kb flag on those files to be accurately
entered into my copy.

Obviously the info I need is right there, in my CVS/Entries file.  But I
don't think cvs import will grok that and DTRT for me.

Does anyone have any hints as to how to import a vendor branch from a
CVS workspace, while preserving special flags like -kb?


I'm using CVS 1.11 on a Debian GNU/Linux box.

 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>    HASMAT--HA Software Methods & Tools
 "Please remain calm...I may be mad, but I am a professional." --Mad Scientist
   These are my opinions---Nortel Networks takes no responsibility for them.

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