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Help on Tempfiles

From: Michael Wenig
Subject: Help on Tempfiles
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 13:18:21 +0200


I have a problem on C/S-CVS using Linux-CVS-Server.
We want to restrict access to several directories so that user can only
change existing files but are not allowed to create new files or

We changed the permissions on the server: refuse all write-permissions
and set write-permission on the archives which do may change. (e.g.

When we tried to change a file "xy.txt" we got the problem that the
server attempts to create a file name ",xy.txt,v". This is not allowed
because of the directory-restrictions.

Is there any possibility to tell cvs-server to create these tempfiles in
another directory (like the log-files)?


Michael Wenig

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