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(no subject)

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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:20:02 -0400

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When does CVS consider a new file not new any more? A few of these files have 
modified and I would have thought they would have not been considered new 

I have about 137 files that give me this message and they where all new files 
have been created in the last 3 months. The files only reside on the branches 
tags but not on the MAIN trunk.

I guess I need to move all these files to the main trunk and do this for any new
files that are created in the future on my main branch..

The joy's of learning

Thank You

"Derek R. Price" wrote:

> John Mocyk wrote:
> > I get this message when I am trying to update a branch (same message
> > if from a static tag or branch) and it seems to occur with some of the
> > new files.
> > The branch is just a project that is being worked on and the statictag
> > is a tag of what was released into production and is code at
> > production level.
> >
> > eg.
> >
> >      cvs co -r branch1 cvs server: file
> >      pin60/setup/scripts/service_um.pod exists, but has been
> >      added in revision production
> >      cvs update -j production -Pd cvs server: file
> >      pin60/setup/scripts/service_um.pod
> >
> >              cvs server: file pin60/setup/scripts/service_um.pod
> >      exists, but has been added in revision production
> >
> >      This will occur on trying to merge in the changes from
> >      another branch as well.
> >      The file was created between the creation of branch1 and
> >      statictag.
> >
> >
> > What happen's is that any changes that I want bring in will not update
> > the code on the branch.
> If I understand your problem correctly, then that is intentional.  CVS
> sees new files on each branch and has no idea how to procedd with the
> merge.  It is expecting you to look at both versions and decide which is
> the keeper or merge them youself.
> Derek
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