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Re: ssh ?

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: ssh ?
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:24:59 -0400
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On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 02:45:55PM -0400, Ronald Edward Petty wrote:
> Where is a manual/tutorial on using and setting up ssh and cvs.  Im am not
> using any windows or anything weird.

Oh, good.  In that case I can help :-)

> I tried running pserver

Never used it, so I can't comment on these problems.

> So Im trying to avoid pserver, and just use ssh.  Can someone
> point me to what to do.

Wise choice.  OK, here goes:
  1. Get ssh working on its own.  In a terminal session on the
     client, you should be able to type:
        ssh $server date
     and have it work.  Until you get to that point, don't even
     think about adding CVS to the mix.  (NB: I'm using "$server"
     as shorthand for the name/domain of the server machine.)

  2. On the client, set the following environment variables:
        CVS_RSH=/usr/local/bin/ssh      # or wherever it lives
        CVS_SERVER=/usr/local/bin/cvs   # ditto
     Note that CVS_SERVER is the *local* pathname, *on the server*,
     of the CVS executable.  It's used as the command to be
     executed remotely by ssh.  The client essentially does:
        $CVS_RSH $server_host $CVS_SERVER server
     The final argument, "server", is the only hard-coded element
     of this command line.  It's the CVS subcommand (in place of
     "checkout", "tag", or whatever); it puts CVS into server
     mode, accepting commands from the client.  (The same CVS
     executable contains functionality for local, client, and
     server operation).

  3. On the client, check out a fresh sandbox:
        cvs -d server:/path/to/repository checkout args
     where "args" are the same arguments you'd give if you were
     checking out locally on the server -- a module name plus any
     appropriate options.

If things don't work, one thing is to make sure CVS was built
with client/server operation enabled.  It's enabled by default,
but someone might have turned it off at "configure" time.


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