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Pserver access will not work

From: Ramos, Marissa
Subject: Pserver access will not work
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:22:56 -0400

Hi all,

I've been having difficulties trying to make the pserver access to one of my
machines to work.  Here's the error I am getting:
cvs [login aborted]: recv( ) from server EOF

What does this error message mean?  And what can I do to fix the problem?

I've already made the necessary changes in the /etc/services (cvspserver
2401/tcp) and /etc/inetd.conf file.  Here's the entry I have for the
cvspserver   stream   tcp   nowait   root  /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs
--allow-root=/export/cvs psever

I've also created the CVSROOT/passwd file with the correct username and
encrypted password.  The CVSROOT/config file has SystemAuth=yes configured.

What am I missing here?  Thanks in advance!

Marissa A. Ramos

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