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Re: Patch: Re: Output warning message when a file with a non-branch sti

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Patch: Re: Output warning message when a file with a non-branch sticky
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 11:47:59 -0400

address@hidden wrote:

> I've created a possible patch to address this issue.

[. . .]

> 2. I was going to try posting as an attachment at:

>    It wanted me to create an account (fine, I did that), but it
>    also wanted some kind of special permission just to post
>    a patch.  It seems kind of backwards to require someone to
>    grant special permissions before anyone has even heard of me,
>    to do something as nonthreatening as posting a patch...

I attached your patch to the issue for you.

As for the rest, I completely agree - I grant _ALL_ observer role requests,
at worst by the next morning, though you may ocassionally have to wait for
Monday if you request the role over the weekend.  Needing to wait for me at
all is currently a limitation of the SourceCast software.  I've actually
opened an issue with the SourceCast developers regarding this if you want
to track it: , but I only
opened it yesterday and I haven't gotten any status yet.


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