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RE: commit problem

From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: RE: commit problem
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 14:25:24 -0700

There are "client global options", and "client options" and also "command
options"?  I'm reading the CVS Pocket Reference pages 44,45 and 54.  Do I
have that right?


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Subject: Re: commit problem

Schwenk, Jeanie writes:
> I tried the -f.   Here's the output from the screen.
> >  cvs -f commit -m "140801 update from Systema" comm.jar
> >
> As you can see NOTHING happens.  Any other suggestions?

Wrong -f.  You want commit -f, not cvs -f:

        cvs commit -f -m "140801 update from Systema" comm.jar

-Larry Jones

Hey!  What's the matter?  Can't you take a joke?!  It was a JOKE! -- Calvin

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