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Build Processes

From: Bil Joga
Subject: Build Processes
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:16:02 -0700

I am interested in hearing how companies use CVS as it relates to their build process. For example, a company may choose to take a snapshot (tag) of the code, and then build based upon that tag. Another may choose to build off of the trunk, and then tag the code whenever an error-free build is achieved. Even though these are simplistic, both are not without drawbacks, but I'm interested in hearing how you do it, and learning about the "process" that is involved in order to achieve maximum results for your company. Some do's and dont's would be nice to hear. An explanation of your use of branching and merging, and the coordination between developers and the build master would be helpful. If you could do that in a paragraph, that would be great. Boy does this sound like a college essay question or what?

Thanks for any information,


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