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loginfo parameters

From: CORUM, M E [AG/1000]
Subject: loginfo parameters
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 17:46:14 -0500

I'm trying to use loginfo to run a script that exports a file out and
then copies it somewhere.  The problem is that the project team must
use spaces in its directories and file names.  When the parameter for
the file name (%s) comes into the script, the last slash is removed and
only a single space separates the directory from the file name.  If
both the directory and file name have spaces, there is no way to tell
where the directory ends and the file name begins:

/project/docs/use cases/my use case.doc

gets handed into the loginfo script as:

/project/docs/use cases my use case.doc

Can anybody help here?  Is there some secret way to have it just hand
in the directory in a parm?  I can't hard-code the directories into
the loginfo file because they will be adding new directories hourly
and I wouldn't be able to keep up with their requirements for adding
new lines into the loginfo script.  The online version of the Fogel
book implies that there are two spaces between the directory and the
list of files but that is not the case in 1.10.

Any help would be appreciated.


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