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Can't cvs unedit

From: Chris Greenaway
Subject: Can't cvs unedit
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 11:24:44 +0100

To reduce the complexity of the versioning process for the non-developers on our project we have opted to use edit -c for exclusive editing. We ran into problems when someone deleted the files on their local disk while they still had files that they had cvs edited. When cvs -r checkout was run the cvs edit -c call on those files failed because cvs won't allow multiple editors (even though if it is the same editor) - perfectly reasonable. Of course there was no way for them to cvs unedit the file either. In the end we had to change the .cvsrc file so that the -c option would not be passed to cvs edit, then cvs edit, cvs unedit and finally restore the .cvsrc file. Is there a better/proper way to do this?

In fact, I'm surprised this work around worked at all, I would have though that cvs would have thought that the cvs edit was the second edit on that file and the cvs unedit would just undo that edit leaving the original edit in place. I guess we were lucky.


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