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Re: cvs update -kk -j Branch1 -j Branch2 does not ignore keywords?

From: David Rees
Subject: Re: cvs update -kk -j Branch1 -j Branch2 does not ignore keywords?
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 19:05:04 -0700
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On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 05:40:43PM -0700, Josh Baudhuin wrote:
> I think I ran into a problem like this--possibly the same issue. What I
> noticed was that after a few (sibling) directories, the -kk option
> started failing. It had to do with the fact that there were files added
> or removed between the local (checkout'd) branch and the branch from
> which I was merging. The merge was
>       cvs update -kk -jBranchFOOTag -jLastMergedRevInBranchFOO
> however, not specifying a second branch (which I would presume was
> different from what you had checked out?)

More below...

> > I've been trying to merge one branch to another while ignoring 
> > keywords with
> > no luck.  Here's a synopsis of what I do:
> > 
> > cvs co mymodule
> > cd mymodule
> > cvs update -r Branch1
> > cvs update -kk -j Branch1Tag -j HEAD

Branch1Tag in my case happens to be the same as the head of Branch1.
The problem with merging two branches together (in my case Branch1 and HEAD)
is that if you intend to merge the braches together multiple times, you do
have to keep track of the last point you merged with the other branch.

Are you suggesting that if I check out Branch1Tag, that the -kk option will
work as expected?

I believe that in my case if whether or not I was adding files to Branch1
from HEAD didn't make a difference in behavior.


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