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Re: is there a way to clean-up repository?

From: Harald Kucharek
Subject: Re: is there a way to clean-up repository?
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:07:14 +0200

Nils9 wrote:
> Repository grows bigger and bigger very fast, is there a way to
> throw out unnecessary revisions/branches and make the file sizes
> smaller (esp. big binaries)? Or just keep adding new drives?
> This question in more like that I'd like to know if this maintenance
> is necessery and what could be done to get rid of unnecessary stuff.
> -Nils Jakobson
> SWHTechnology

You've to tell what kind of big binaries you've to add/commit so
frequently (Binaries are not stored as diffs, so they grow fast with every 
If you really have to and really need older revisions of them, keep adding 
Otherwise, change your workflow.

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